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The governance of Kabuni is designed to be democratic and decentralised, ensuring that the ecosystem’s key stakeholders can actively participate in decision-making processes.
Governance in Kabuni is divided into two main entities: Kabuni VENTURES and Kabuni EDUCATION.
Kabuni VENTURES oversees the governance of Kabuni COIN. It cultivates a collaborative ecosystem, leveraging the power of web3 technologies and blockchain. Kabuni VENTURES ensures that the governance process is participatory and transparent, allowing COIN holders to vote on various proposals that impact the platform’s future direction.
On the other hand, Kabuni EDUCATION focuses on the operational and educational aspects of the platform. It is responsible for designing, building, and scaling the educational experiences provided by Kabuni. It also manages content creation, curation, and delivery through various tools such as Kabuni WIZARD, SPACE, and CAMPUS.
In the future, Kabuni plans to implement a Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) to further democratise the platform’s governance. The DAO will allow the Kabuni community to create a governance structure that is inclusive of all stakeholders, providing everyone in the ecosystem a voice in shaping the platform’s future.
Together, Kabuni VENTURES and Kabuni EDUCATION uphold the platform’s core values of transparency, inclusivity, and innovation. They guide the ecosystem towards fulfilling its mission of transforming the educational landscape through digital and immersive learning experiences.