Summer of 2016

It all began in the summer of 2016, amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Whistler Vancouver, where the Kabuni leadership team, guided by our esteemed coach Shannon Susko, embarked on a transformative journey.

Through our moonshot exercise, we dared to dream audaciously, envisioning a future where humanity's creative potential knows no bounds. Sticky notes adorned the walls, each bearing a vision or aspiration. One note, emblazoned with the words "Unlock the design potential of every human," captured our collective imagination, becoming the cornerstone of our shared vision.

Embedded within the core of Kabuni COIN, with a market cap of over $800 million in 2024, lies our unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation of moonshot entrepreneurs, researchers, and charities. Driven by a community of ChangeMakers committed to the 17+1 Sustainable Development Goals aligned with the UN, we recognize the critical moment we face. Despite over one billion people volunteering today, we are on track to miss all the UN 2030 goals—a sign that continuing the same approaches will not yield different results.

Just like Uber and Airbnb leveraged unused capacity in their respective industries to outpace incumbents, we at Kabuni believe in harnessing the untapped potential of human capital and time. We are poised to pioneer new pathways toward a better planet. This is not just a promise; it's a necessary evolution, and it's about to change everything.

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