SuperClub ChangeMaker NFT

ChangeMaker NFT Super Club: Eligibility and Membership

The SuperClub ChangeMaker NFT: Your All-Access Pass to the Kabuni Ecosystem

The SuperClub ChangeMaker NFT stands as the premier all-access pass within the Kabuni ecosystem, specifically designed for individuals who are committed to playing a significant role in shaping the future of Kabuni and our vibrant community. This NFT goes beyond offering entry to the Kabuni universe; it provides its holders with the opportunity to work closely with the Kabuni team, directly influencing key decisions and projects.

Exclusive Benefits and Opportunities

  • Enhanced ChangeMaker Benefits: Holders of the SuperClub ChangeMakerNFT enjoy all the standard benefits associated with the ChangeMakerNFT, including voting rights, access to community perks, and participation in events. These foundational benefits are the cornerstone of engagement and interaction within the Kabuni X ecosystem.

  • Exclusive Roles: Beyond the foundational benefits, SuperClub members are invited to assume exclusive roles within the community. These roles are designed to leverage the unique skills, passions, and leadership qualities of our members, offering them the opportunity to contribute significantly to the direction and success of projects and the community at large.

  • 2x Stake Multiplier: A distinctive feature of the SuperClub ChangeMakerNFT is the 2x stake multiplier, which doubles the value of the holder's stake within the "Stake A Future" program. This multiplier not only enhances the potential rewards and benefits for the holder but also underscores the importance of their commitment and contribution to the platform's projects.

  • Free Trading on Kabuni X: In recognition of their elevated status within the community, SuperClub members are granted the privilege of free trading on Kabuni X. This benefit removes the barriers to trading and exchanging assets within the platform, facilitating a more dynamic and engaging investment experience.

  • Priority Event Access and VIP Forum Entry: SuperClub ChangeMakerNFT holders gain priority access to events and exclusive entry into VIP forums. These privileges ensure that members have first-hand information, direct lines of communication with project leaders and fellow influential community members, and the opportunity to shape discussions and initiatives.

The Platinum X Pass enjoy the following unique features:

  • Shares: Each holder is allocated 10,000 Kabuni SHARES, set to be airdropped as they engage in staking activities through the "Stake A Future" program. These shares are tradable on a regulated Swiss securities exchange, providing both liquidity and value.

  • Deposit Insurance: Comprehensive deposit insurance is provided at no additional cost, ensuring that investments are protected against potential losses.

  • Airdrop Access: Automatic qualification for airdrops from all projects listed on Kabuni X, presenting a broad spectrum of investment opportunities.

  • Exclusive Influence: Holders have a unique chance to guide the strategic and developmental trajectory of Kabuni X, fostering a community-driven platform where their voice and influence can lead to tangible changes.

This NFT is issued in a strictly limited edition of only 1,000 units and includes the Platinum X Pass, which offers a suite of exclusive benefits, making it the most prestigious NFT in our collection.

The SuperClub ChangeMaker NFT is crafted to offer substantial influence and reward within the Kabuni ecosystem, ensuring that its holders receive the highest level of engagement and recognition for their contributions to our mission.

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