17+1 NFT Collection

The 17+1 NFT Collection: Your Gateway to Influence and Engagement

The 17+1 NFT collection represents a unique initiative within the Kabuni ecosystem, with each of the 17 NFTs designed by the Kabuni community to symbolize one of the original Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. In addition to these, we proudly include an 18th NFT dedicated to First Nations Values, a goal crafted and measured by the Kabuni community itself. This makes our collection not only a tool for engagement but also a celebration of global and indigenous values.

Holders of the 17+1 NFT Collection are granted roles enabling them to contribute to research, charities and startups. This new model for volunteers allows for the measurement and collaboration on missions that we are keen to support, while also enabling us to see the impact we make. Volunteers can stake with their Kabuni COIN rewards to enhance their contributions to projects and enjoy a variety of community perks such as exclusive events, access to educational resources, and the opportunity to donate to charities they are passionate about.

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