Empowering Educational Pioneers

The Kabuni Moonshot Entrepreneur Challenge

Join our global quest to discover 10 visionary entrepreneurs eager to harness exponential technology to transform education. This is an unparalleled opportunity to be among the select founders dedicated to innovating the future of education.

Chosen founders will embark on a one-year journey as resident entrepreneurs at Kabuni in London, collaboratively working towards acquiring their first 365 paying customers. Each entrepreneur will be granted an initial $100,000 to support their living expenses, accommodation and transportation. This is merely the beginning; there lies the potential to secure up to $1 million in seed funding, with the prospect of up to $5 million during the Series A funding round. Advancing through these funding stages is contingent upon receiving the nod from our community and Investment Committee (IC), predicated on a stringent 'three Pā€™s' due diligence evaluation.

In addition to financial backing, founders will be integrated into our expansive global community spanning over 100 countries, benefit from our venture studio to bring their vision to life, and leverage our trusted partner network for business scaling. The entirety of this journey, encompassing both triumphs and challenges, will be broadcast across our social channels, enabling our community to partake in your entrepreneurial voyage.

If you envision founding an educational enterprise that resonates with our goals and are seeking initial pre-seed capital along with comprehensive support extending to Series A and beyond, we encourage you to apply. Together, we aim to revolutionize education for the K12 sector, underpinned by our unwavering support throughout every growth stage.

Stay tuned for forthcoming details on the application process, eligibility criteria, and an invitation to explore our thesis. This pre-seed initiative is your gateway to making a substantial impact in the educational landscape.

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