Stake A Future Funding

Empowering Innovators and Engaging Communities

At Kabuni, the approval from our Investment Committee (IC) marks the beginning of a dynamic and transparent funding process designed to not only empower innovative founders but also actively engage our community. Our goal is to complete funding within 30 days of IC approval, a critical phase where visionaries are given the platform to share their stories and visions with the world, and our community plays a pivotal role in making these visions a reality.

Issuance of the Term Sheet

The process kicks off with the issuance of the term sheet to the founders, laying down the terms of investment and partnership. This document signifies the formal commencement of our funding engagement, setting the stage for a deeper collaboration between Kabuni, the founders, and our community.

Kabuni Elevate Life Podcast: Showcasing Visionaries

A highlight of our funding process is the invitation to founders to join the "Kabuni Elevate Life" podcast, hosted by our founder, Nimesh Patel. This platform is not just an interview; it's an opportunity for founders to delve into the "why," "who," and "what" of their ventures. They articulate their vision, the problems they're passionate about solving, and why they believe the Kabuni community should stake their future on these solutions. This engaging dialogue puts founders in the spotlight, allowing them to connect directly with our community and share their journey and aspirations.

Community Participation and Engagement

Founders are encouraged to invite their own communities to participate in this dialogue, fostering a broader engagement that spans beyond Kabuni's immediate network. This inclusive approach ensures that a diverse audience hears the founders' stories, widening the potential support base for the venture.

Staking Kabuni COIN: A Community-Centric Investment

Following the podcast and the official launch of the "Stake A Future" program, we invite our community to stake Kabuni COINs towards the value of the investment. This process not only funds promising ventures but also strengthens the bond between our projects and the community that supports them.

Exclusive Access for ChangeMaker NFT Holders

To honor our ChangeMaker NFT holders, we grant them an exclusive 7-day access to the staking opportunity before the public launch. This privilege ensures that our most committed community members have the first chance to support new ventures and benefit from their growth.

Continuous Communication and Community Updates

Throughout the staking period, both founders and Kabuni are committed to keeping the community informed and engaged across all our platforms. Regular updates, progress reports, and interactive sessions ensure that the community remains connected to the journey of each venture, fostering a sense of participation and ownership.


The "Stake A Future" funding process is designed to be more than a financial transaction; it's a community-driven journey that brings together innovative founders, supportive investors, and an engaged audience. By leveraging platforms like the "Kabuni Elevate Life" podcast and offering exclusive access to our ChangeMaker NFT holders, we create a unique ecosystem where visionary projects can flourish with the backing of a committed and involved community. Our aim is to fund, support, and elevate transformative ideas within 30 days, paving the way for a future where innovation and community collaboration lead to real-world impact.

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