Stake A Future Process

Comprehensive Community Evaluation and Enhanced Communication

Stake A Future Process: Empowering ChangeMakers to Drive Innovation

At Kabuni, our "Stake A Future Process" is intricately designed to not only foster groundbreaking innovations but to ensure that our ChangeMaker community is at the heart of every project. This community-driven approach involves ChangeMakers in critical roles to help scale projects, with the ability to upvote or downvote decisions, directly influencing whether a project moves forward for funding.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Enhanced Communication

We are committed to providing visionary founders with a transparent, fair, and efficient pathway from concept to reality. Our promise is a decision within 60 days and full funding within 90 days from the approval of a funding application, underlining our dedication to nurturing potential and accelerating development.

The Kabuni Commitment

We value the time of entrepreneurs, guaranteeing a decision—yes or no—within 60 days of receiving a funding application. Once approved, we ensure that the funds are fully disbursed within 90 days, allowing founders to swiftly advance with their vision.

Due Diligence: The Three Ps

Our evaluation is rooted in the "Three Ps": Product, Potential, and People. This approach offers a comprehensive view of each project:

  • Product: We assess the innovation, scalability, and market fit of the proposed solution.

  • Potential: We conduct a thorough analysis of the business model, revenue streams, and financial projections.

  • People: The expertise, passion, and commitment of the founding team are crucial.

Enhanced Communication: Weekly Check-ins

To maintain transparency and accountability, we conduct weekly check-ins during the 60-day evaluation period. These sessions provide regular updates and foster a constructive dialogue between the Kabuni team and founders, enhancing the evaluation process with real-time feedback and support.

Investment Committee (IC) Evaluation

Projects that pass our internal evaluation are presented to our Investment Committee (IC), which includes domain and technology experts, a finance expert, and two industry leaders. Founders are invited to pitch their vision, after which the IC makes the final funding decision based on community feedback and project viability.

Feedback and Support for Founders

In cases where a project does not advance, founders receive a detailed report based on our "Three Ps" evaluation. This feedback offers valuable insights and guidance for future endeavors, ensuring that every founder gains from the process, regardless of the outcome.


The "Stake A Future Process" represents our holistic approach to investment, combining rigorous evaluation with a community-driven methodology to support the growth of innovative ventures. Through this process, we aim to build a foundation of trust, transparency, and active community participation, fostering a culture of innovation that propels the blockchain and digital asset industries forward. By emphasizing not just the projects but also the people and community behind them, we are committed to staking a future where innovation thrives on a global scale.

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