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Kabuni Structure

Kabuni VENTURES holds governance over the Kabuni COIN, its central role being the facilitation of a cooperative, dynamic ecosystem that interconnects all stakeholders.
By leveraging its expertise in web3 technologies, Kabuni VENTURES ensures the stability and growth of the Kabuni COIN’s economy.
Integral to the democratic nature of the platform, Kabuni VENTURES orchestrates the governance proposals voting process involving Kabuni COIN holders. This collective decision-making process allows stakeholders to shape the future trajectory and enhancements of the platform.
In contrast, Kabuni EDUCATION focuses on the operational facets of the platform. It drives the design, construction, and scalability of the educational experiences offered within the ecosystem. Kabuni EDUCATION oversees content creation, curation, and delivery through the Kabuni WIZARD, SPACE, and CAMPUS tools.
Committed to continuous innovation and incorporating the latest advancements in education and technology, Kabuni EDUCATION ensures that the platform stays at the cutting edge of immersive learning experiences, catering to the individual needs of users while maintaining scalability. By distinguishing these roles, Kabuni VENTURES and Kabuni EDUCATION work harmoniously to provide a transformative educational experience. Together, they foster a new era in education, amplifying learning through immersive, personalised, and scalable experiences.